South Korean Man Fined ₩5 Million For Starting A Rumor About Dr. Dre and Korea’s First Lady

A 73-year-old Korean man got into some trouble with the law after spreading a rumor about Dr. Dre.

Image Source: Tim Loehrke, USAToday

The man (who remains unnamed) spread a rumor involving former Korean first Lady Lee Hee Ho, who was married to former Korean leader Kim Dae Jung.

Mrs. Lee, who is currently 95 years old, was allegedly planning to marry the influential rapper and hip hop icon Dr. Dre.  

Furthermore, the rumor claimed that their marriage was to launder “slush funds” that allegedly belonged to Mrs. Lee’s late husband.

Image Source: AFP

As there was absolutely no basis for this rumor, the Seoul district court decided that the man had “violated the honor of the deceased and the bereaved,” and fined him ₩5 Million (~ $4500 USD).

Source: BBC