Soyou and KARA’s Nicole Discuss The Dangerous Methods And Pressures They Faced To Be Skinny

“They’ll think, ‘She’s let go of herself.'”

SISTAR‘s Soyou appeared on On And Off where she began discussing about diets with her best friend Nicole, a former member of KARA.

Nicole confessed that once she started having abs after extensive dieting and exercise at the young age of 18, she felt the pressure to keep her abs at all times.

Once I got abs, I’ve felt the pressure to maintain them. I feel like if they disappear, they’ll think, ‘She’s let go of herself.’

After the age of 18, I haven’t been able to let go of my abs.

— Nicole

The two veteran idols revealed that they had to weigh themselves every day. And to avoid the stress, Soyou revealed that the SISTAR members would “hold” each other up by their hair to help alleviate the weight that came with their long hairstyles!

Soyou also revealed the daily logs she kept during her trainee days when she would write down what she ate the whole day and how much she weighed.

She surprised everyone when she confessed that she used to go throughout the whole day simply eating a handful of beans, half an apple, and three chopstick scoops of rice.

Soyou confessed that compared to her weight during her extreme diets and now, she weighs about 10kg more. She even went down to 48kg once, and claimed it just looked pitiful with her height.

She’s glad that she’s gained weight through muscle mass and a healthy diet.

I wanted to lose weight but be healthy. After I began to look healthier, I let go of [my obsession with what I ate]. I realized being skinny wasn’t a good look on me.

I don’t diet anymore but more so work on my body. I restrain myself when I have to but I eat as much as I want on my cheat day.

— Soyou

And that’s how Soyou and Nicole’s been on a mission to advocate their healthy glamorous bodies! Soyou’s latest body transformation can be clearly seen through her new hit “GOTTA GO”!

Source: Xports News