Squid Game Actor Lee Jung Jae Addresses Rumors That He Will Appear In A Marvel Movie

Would you like to see the star in the MCU?

Previously, it was reported that there were rumors that Lee Jung Jae was in discussions with Marvel Studios.

The rumor originally stems from a tweet by Twitter handle @Marvelcrave. The Twitter account, known for closely following Marvel, tweeted on July 20 that the Squid Game actor was in talks with the Hollywood movie studio.

Many fans believed the rumor to be true, and some even had predicted the actor would be playing the main villain in Shang-Chi 2, while others guessed he would be playing Dr. Negative in the upcoming Spiderman movie.

The amount of recent Korean actors featured in projects by the movie studio gave credence to the rumor.

Ma Dong Seuk and Claudia Kim were all featured in important roles, and fans are still awaiting which role K-Drama superstar Park Seo Jun will play in Captain Marvel 2.

Unfortunately for fans that had been hoping the rumors of Lee Jung Jae in the MCU to be true, the actor denied the rumors on August 5

SBS Entertainment News interviewed the actor during the premiere of his newly-released movie Hunt. During the interview, the news outlet asked the actor about the rumors.

Lee Jung Jae (left) and Jung Woo Sung (right) in the poster for movie Hunt | Joongang Ilbo

According to the interview, Lee Jung Jae directly denied the rumors. Stating that he had never received an offer from the movie studio.

The news is wrong. An influencer overseas wrote the rumor on his social media, probably for fun, and the rumor was reported as fact. However, I have never received an offer from Marvel.

— Lee Jung Jae

Surely man fans will be disappointed that the rumors aren’t true. Would you have liked to see the actor in the MCU? If so, which character would you like to see him play?

Source: SBS News