A Stalker Trespasses Into T-ARA Soyeon’s Residence And Threatens Her Safety

Fellow member Jiyeon has also been facing death threats.

It was stated previously that T-ARA‘s Jiyeon was facing death threats via social media. The media has now reported that fellow member, Soyeon, is also in danger. Both girls are under threat by stalkers, with Soyeon’s residence even being invaded by the stalker.

Both girls are seeking help from the police currently and an investigation is underway. It was first reported by Jiyeon’s agency that an unknown person was sending death threats via Twitter and Instagram. The agency is currently gathering evidence and doing their best to ensure Jiyeon’s safety. It is reported that she is currently emotionally distressed over the matter.

On the other hand, a stalker has not only sent death threats to Soyeon, but also came to her residence to look for the star. Soyeon had reported the incident to the police and the stalker has since been taken in. It is not known if Soyeon’s stalker is the same person who has been threatening Jiyeon.

Soyeon’s agency has reported that the stalking started in the first half of 2020 and he has been constantly coming to her home since then.

The police has updated that Jiyeon’s case is currently still under investigation.

Source: Star Today