Top 5 Stars Who Would Let Others Trick Them On April Fool’s Day, According To Korean Students

They’re simply too kind-hearted to call anyone out.

An online mathematics education company has conducted a survey on 1,513 elementary, middle school and high school students from March 22 to 31, ranking stars who are most likely to let others trick them on April Fool’s Day because they are too kind. Here are the results!


5. Jung Il Woo (9 votes, 0.6%)

Jung Il Woo is an actor who made his debut with the sitcom High Kick. He was chosen for the part among 250 auditioners and according to the director, his beautiful smile played a big role in the decision! With a beautiful and kind smile like that, it looks as if he’d most likely fall for tricks on April Fool’s Day, even if he knew they were jokes!


4. Kang Ha Neul (10 votes, 0.7%)

Kang Ha Neul is a musical actor and actor who rose to fame after his appearance on The Heirs and Misaeng. While his characters often have cold and strong personalities, he is said to have much aegyo (cute display of affection) to both his colleagues and fans!


3. Yoo Jae Suk (33 votes, 2.2%)

As one of the most prominent MCs, or hosts, in the South Korean entertainment industry, Yoo Jae Suk is also known for his very humble image. With a slightly silly character, he always lets others make fun of him and laughs it off!


2. Park Bo Gum (293 votes, 19.4%)

Park Bo Gum came in second in this survey ranking and it’s really no big secret that he has one of the kindest hearts in the industry! He has often been seen taking care of and being considerate towards the celebrities and staff members he works with.


1. Kang Daniel (1,149 votes, 75.9%)

Kang Daniel was a member of Wanna One until they officially disbanded on December 31, 2018 and has since been preparing for a solo debut. With his puppy eyes, baby-like smile and kind-hearted personality, he is the No. 1 star that is most likely to let someone trick him on April Fool’s Day!


Source: Money S