Star Road Entertainment Refutes JBJ95’s Claims In Official Response To The Duo’s Lawsuit

They claim JBJ95 made unreasonable demands.

Star Road Entertainment has come out with their own statement refuting all the previous claims made by their group, JBJ95.

JBJ95 members Kenta (left), Kim Sanggyun (right) | Star Road Entertainment

Previously, JBJ95 requested to terminate their contract with their label Star Road Entertainment. The two members, Kim Sanggyun and Kenta of Produce 101 fame filed their lawsuit in early April. In the lawsuit, the duo claimed that JBJ95 had been mismanaged by the agency. They claim that Star Road Entertainment failed to provide them with a manager, a stylist, and a hair and makeup team. The two members of JBJ95 also claimed that all other expenses, including staff expenses, were made by the duo directly.

The duo made further claims stating that after December 2020, their label discontinued their vocal and foreign language lessons. Their lawsuit also stated that since December, they saw no activities in their schedule. The members alleged that Star Road Entertainment failed to support them and their entertainment activities, which resulted in the contract termination request. According to the lawsuit filed by JBJ95, many of the company’s staff left the agency due to unpaid wages. Not only that, but the duo also stated that the agency requested that they move out of their dorm.

Kim Sanggyun (left), Kenta (right) | Newsen

A week following JBJ95’s contract termination request, Star Road Entertainment responded by releasing a statement. According to the agency, all the claims that were made by JBJ95 are false and they have the evidence to prove it. The agency stated, “while it is true that our employee wages are overdue, not all of them left the company.” The company also made further claims refuting the accusations that they did not schedule activities for the group by saying,

We have evidence of a phone call exchange between a staff member and Sanggyun. Last March, we had plans to schedule a variety program, but he refused to participate and said, ‘this is not the right time.’

The two members were also the ones who rejected a concert that would have been a no-contact concert due to COVID-19. They refused claiming COVID-19 as their reason.

— Star Road Entertainment representative

| Star Road Entertainment

The agency’s representative also refuted the claims about the hair and makeup expenses that were allegedly being paid by the members themselves. Star Road Entertainment stated, “we have proof of Kenta saying ‘I used all the money you sent’ in regards to hair and makeup expenses.”

Star Road Entertainment continued by sharing that not only are JBJ95’s accusations false, but that the members previously made unreasonable demands to the label. The company alleged that Kim Sanggyun requested that Star Road Entertainment pay for his college tuition, which insiders claim are not usually included within a contract. They also shared that both Kim Sanggyun and Kenta received company cards to use for personal expenses, such as meals.

Star Road Entertainment concluded their response by reiterating that,

We have the proof to refute all of the false claims made by JBJ95. While the label experienced hardships, we did not skip out on anything for the two members.

It’s unfortunate that they are taking advantage of the agency’s difficult situation and using it for their own personal gain. It’s a pity that they are using the manager that we hired part-time and not full-time due to financial hardships as an excuse to move forward with the lawsuit.

— Star Road Entertainment representative

Source: The Daily Sports