Starship’s YouTube Account Has Been Hacked To Advertise A Game On MONSTA X’s Music Videos

Monbebes are worried.

Starship Entertainment, the agency behind MONSTA X and Cosmic Girls seems to have had their YouTube account hacked or compromised. The music videos for both “Alligator” and “Shoot Out” have the name of a website in their titles and a link to the same website in some of the video descriptions.

The website “Fakute” appears to be a website with a catalogue of HTML5 browser games. The point of this hack is likely to generate more traffic to their website but it’s a very strange tactic because it doesn’t appear to give you malware or viruses which is normal for hacks like this.

Naturally, Monbebes are confused and angry and are waiting for Starship to either give a statement or fix the problem. They are worried about if their streams will count since they just want to support MONSTA X.

Hopefully, Starship is able to resolve this soon to put everyone’s minds at ease.