Stays Are Freaking Out After Stray Kids’ “NOEASY” Trailer Is Removed From All Social Media Platforms

So are Stray Kids coming or not???

As the date gets closer to Stray Kids‘ comeback, fans all around the globe have been sharing their excitement online. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the trailer for “NOEASY” was trending worldwide almost immediately!

What is a surprise, however, is that the trailer has disappeared without a trace within less than five hours of it being uploaded! Not only was the video set to “private” on YouTube, but all of the promotional tweets as well as the group’s post on VLIVE have been deleted as well.

Stays are quite confused by the situation, and one unlucky fan got disappointed when it went away as they were trying to replay it!

Some fans believe this might not be a mistake, and that it’s actually part of the marketing strategy for the album! Theories are already being shared about what might happen next.

What do you think of the situation?

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