Steve Aoki and Desiigner Get “MIC Drop” Tattoos For BTS And ARMY

Steve Aoki and Desiigner both got “Mic Drop” tattooed on their body to show their thanks and love to BTS and ARMY.

Steve Aoki and Desiigner just got “MIC Drop” tattoos! The tattoo shows a open hand with a falling microphone.


The two wanted something special to mark their Kolony Tour and decided that they should get matching tattoos. And because they also both worked on “MIC Drop” they decided that it should somehow be involved too.


Steve Aoki posted a couple videos of the event to his Snapchat. The videos show him, together with Desiigner, getting their ‘Mic Drop’ tattoos and singing along to the song.


Netizens freaked out when they heard the news. They thought it was adorable and called them BTS’ biggest fans. Check out the full video of their tattoo journey below.

Source: Reddit and @yoongi_html