The Powerful Pose That Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Absolutely Owns

He’s owned it since childhood!

There are countless things to love about Stray Kids‘s leader Bang Chan, from his kind and selfless personality to his incredible talent, as well as his gorgeous visuals!

Bang Chan (Stray Kids)

In fact, just his presence on stage is enough to make most fans go wild, and a recent realization by STAYs is proof of just that.

Bang Chan (Stray Kids)

A couple of posts on Twitter showcasing what is now being dubbed the “Bang Chan” pose is getting a lot of attention, and it’s easy to see why!

Bang Chan (Stray Kids)

Even though he’s simply standing with his arms crossed behind his back, Bang Chan looks so powerful that it has everyone in the fandom swooning.

It’s not new for him either — it seems like he’s been doing the pose since childhood!

STAYs have some pretty relatable reactions to these posts in the comments 😂

It’s safe to say, Stray Kids fans are definitely weak for the “Bang Chan” pose!

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