Stray Kids’ Felix Shocks STAYs With His Rockstar Visuals In New Comeback “MAXIDENT” Trailer

“He’s so beautifully unreal, I can’t breathe.”

Stray KidsFelix is gaining attention for his “rockstar” visuals in the trailer for the group’s new comeback “MAXIDENT,” and he has STAYs absolutely shook.

Felix | @realstraykids/Instagram

Stray Kids dropped the trailer for “MAXIDENT” on September 5, and it instantly had the members trending—and STAYs in a state of chaos.

While each of the members received attention for the major looks being served…

…Felix’s “bad boy” concept got the better of everyone.

| JYP Entertainment/YouTube

Fans found themselves bidding goodbye to “bright” Felix and happily welcoming the new dark Felix…

…though signs point to the strong likelihood that we’ll be getting both!

| JYP Entertainment/YouTube

“Bad boy Felix” has everyone simping after him, not least because Stray Kids’ stylists seem to have surpassed themselves with his styling this time around.

But of course, it’s not just the styling. Felix’s personal charms have everyone’s eyes on him too, starting with his slender rockstar-like physique.

Fans now have some suspicions about what this means for Felix in this new comeback…

…but everyone can agree on the fact that this new Felix is absolutely serving.

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