An Iconic Move From Stray Kids’ “God’s Menu” Almost Did Not Make The Cut, And The Members Reacted In The Best Way

The stage would’ve been different.

Stray Kids recently sat down for an interview with Billboard where they made fresh commentaries about their discography and concert performances to date.

Stray Kids

An interesting new fact that came about here was the history of one of their most famous songs, “God’s Menu.” Released in 2020, it was part of their Go Live album. The members played an active role in the making of the song, with Han, Changbin, and Bang Chan working alongside producer Versachoi to perfect it.

Bang Chan looked proud as he called “God’s Menu” an incredibly significant track in their history as a group. It grabbed many achievements such as being the first video on Studio Choom to reach 50 million views and it is also their highest viewed music video to date at 350 million views, surpassing “Back Door” (272 million) and “Thunderous” (238 million).

‘God’s Menu’ is one of our most important songs.

— Bang Chan

It was a title track where every aspect was well received. As such, it may be surprising to some fans that a certain part of the choreography almost did not make the final cut.

Maknae I.N. revealed that the dance accompanying the lyrics, “This is our Tang Tang Tang Tang” was different in the pre-release.

The original choreography for the ‘Tang Tang Tang’ part was not supposed to be included.

— I.N

This was when they point their left hand forward while their right hand is raised, opening and closing their fist to the beat.

Fortunately, the members knew the impact that this specific move could bring to the overall performance. They expressed their views to the company and did not back down until it was finalized.

We thought this part was a must. We said that this choreography is a must, so that’s how [it] was included.

— I.N

Stray Kids’ sense and instincts for hit performances could be said to be outstanding!

Check out the full video below to learn more about them.

Source: YouTube

Stray Kids