“Street Woman Fighter” Dancer Gains Attention For Looking Like “Parasite” Actress Cho Yeo Jeong

She’s been compared to TWICE’s Mina and Park Eun Bin too!

Street Woman Fighter is gaining lots of popularity recently as many have touted it as Mnet‘s most interesting reality program thus far. One of the dancers has been gaining attention for looking like Parasite actress, Cho Yeo Jeong!

Meet Rian, from Lachica!

Check out Cho Yeo Jeong and compare the likeness.

Some have even compared her to other artists.

  • “She’s so similar to Mina (TWICE). She dresses up so well and her sense is amazing, how charming.”
  • “She looks like Cho Yeo Jeong but also Park Eun Bin. How pretty.”
  • “She’s really good kkkk Crazy.”
  • “She looks like Park Eun Bin. F*cking pretty.”
  • “I’m seeing her for the first time but maybe due to her hair, the moment I saw the photo I thought she looked like Park Eun Bin. But her dance is amazing.”
  • “She’s so pretty.”
  • “Normally when I see posts about lookalikes even if they don’t look the same, you kind of get the feel but I’m not too sure about this one. She looks like Park Eun Bin though.”
| theqoo

Who do you think she looks like the most? Regardless, her dance skills and visuals are worthy of all the love!

Source: theqoo