Suga Has Donated A Massive Amount Of Money To Help Children With Cancer

Suga has a heart of gold and we don’t deserve him.

Suga of BTS is reported to have donated 100 million won ($88,160) to the Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation, a charity which helps children diagnosed with various forms of cancer. He made the donation under the name ‘ARMY’.

He also sent 329 ‘Shooky’ dolls to children suffering from cancer, and the number of dolls is very meaningful. 329 is a reference to the 29th of March 2014 when BTS held their first “ARMY Muster” event in Seoul. Suga is saying that this donation is from all ARMYs.

This isn’t the first time that Suga has engaged in charitable acts. Last year, he donated signed albums and grade one hanwoo beef to fulfil his promise that he would buy beef for ARMYs once he’s rich. Suga has a heart of gold and ARMYs are so happy to have him.

Source: Newswire


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