A Suicidal Fan Reached Out To Ailee For Help, This Is How She Responded

A fan left suicidal comments on Ailee’s Instagram, and Ailee’s response blew everyone away.

Source: @aileeonline

Ailee updated her Instagram post promoting her new account where she updates and shares pictures of her pets.

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A fan of Ailee commented on this post, stating that she hurts herself because of pain in her life and that she wants to escape the situation but doesn’t know how.

“…I constantly hurt myself to relieve the internal pain in my heart, I do not know what to do, I do not want to follow! my life is rubbish, I do not want to pretend to be someone I’m not, I do not want to pretend everything is fine…”

— @yang.mi.park

Ailee replied sympathetically to this fan, stating that life can be painful sometimes, and left practical suggestions to encourage her.

“…Speak to those around you(friends family God) and a lot will be lifted off your shoulders. Stay busy! Listen to lots of music or find yourself a hobby that interests you. Keep Strong!..”

— Ailee

The fan then replied to Ailee’s comment, expressing that she admires Ailee very much and that listening to Ailee’s music helps her feel better.

“I can not imagine how this is for you, and I envy your strength, that’s why I admire you very much! and when I listen to your songs I feel better…”

— @yang.mi.park

Fans who have been visiting Ailee’s Instagram have been leaving their own positive and supportive comments to help this fan.

Ailee has certainly set the bar high for idol/fan interaction with this sweet and encouraging exchange.

Image Source: @LATIFLEUR