Here’s How Global Netizens Are Reacting To Sulli’s Comfort Women Post

Here’s how the rest of the world is responding.

Sulli often falls victim toward hate comments online but recently, she received praise and support after raising awareness on Comfort Women’s Memorial Day. 


She dedicated a post on August 14th, the first memorial day, showing her support for the sex slave victims of the Japanese Imperial army during the second World War. 


This was met by backlash from her Japanese followers, and supposedly unfollowed by Produce48’s Shiroma Miru on Instagram. 

Sulli Attacked By Japanese Netizens After Posting About Comfort Women


The hate, however, was thwarted by the positive responses towards Sulli’s move. The supportive comments came especially from netizens whose home countries had a similar history during the Japanese occupation.


Aside from South Korea, other countries such as Taiwan and Philippines have also expressed their support so that the women involved in this struggle are never forgotten.


Source: SportsChosun