Sulli Reveals Her Current Plans Regarding Marriage And Having A Child

She revealed her progressive thoughts.

During the recent episode of The Night of Hate Comments, Shinhwa‘s Junjin began talking about his member Eric‘s wedding. So the question was turned to Sulli, asking about her plans for marriage.

Sulli confidently revealed that she doesn’t think marriage is a necessity.

When I turned 20, I wanted to get married right away. I wonder these days if marriage is even necessary.

— Sulli


However, she does think about having a child regardless of being married or not. On the other hand, she still has worries about the changes she would have to face during pregnancy.

I wonder about having a child without getting married.

But on the other hand, I get worried about it too. I’m scared about the changes my body would go through when you’re pregnant and the responsibility of raising a child.

It makes me think that I shouldn’t have a child.

— Sulli


Fellow host Kim Sook replied that times are changing where marriage doesn’t need to be done when you’re in your 20s, and many women are starting to focus more on work than having a family.

Sulli thought about this well in detail. I think that’s a sign of women changing.

When I was younger, everyone thought you had to get married before you’re 30. When my friends and I were younger, we talked about raising our children together. Those same friends also haven’t gotten married yet. We talk more about work these days.

— Kim Sook


Sulli brought up a valid point in the change of societal views on marriage and only having a child once you’re married. Whether she chooses to get married one day or have a child one day, Sulli will do what she deems best for her own lifestyle!


But no one could deny a baby Sulli would definitely be the cutest thing in the world!

Source: Osen