Sulli Talks About How She Didn’t Practice Hard In Front Of SM Employees For This Specific Reason

That reason shaped who she is today.

On Reply Night, Sulli confessed that she’s the type of person who doesn’t put too much weight on other people’s opinions and she herself tries not to let others’ opinions affect her lifestyle.


She revealed that ever since she was young, she tried to block out the influence of other people so that she can discover who she truly is as an individual.

I don’t think I really care about how other’s see me, and I try not to care about it either. I think it’s very hard to find your own identity since you’re influenced by so many people.

In order not to be influenced so much, I try to block it all out. Among that is how I try not to care about what other’s think.

I put in the effort but ever since I was young, I hated catching myself thinking about what other’s thought of me.

— Sulli


She also recalled the time when that effort made her practice half-heartedly in front of important SM employees!


She was super tired during a dance practice session, but high ranking employees came to see her practice. The other trainees started picking up energy but she decided to remain the same to not show a fake image to the employees!

Once I was at dance practice and I was so tired that I was dancing half-heartedly. But then the upper management of the company came to see how we were practicing. Usually, the trainees would all suddenly start practicing harder but I knew that the dance instructor already saw me dancing half-heartedly so I didn’t want to start practicing harder just for the upper management people. It hurt my pride for some reason.

So I just continued dancing half-heartedly as I always did.

— Sulli


Anyone can say anything about Sulli’s attitude that day but no one can deny that she’s a powerful woman who knew exactly who she wanted to be since day one of her career!

Source: Newsen