Sulli Exuded Elegance And Poise In This $9,500 Outfit

Not to mention, she was radiating beauty!

Sulli recently attended Estee Lauder‘s “Pure Color Envy Lip Care” launching event in a fancy dress that highlighted her elegance and poise.


On this day, Sulli wore a beautiful silk long dress by Alexander McQueen paired with a black corset leather belt.


While Sulli does have the ability to make any dress look designer quality, the McQueen dress she chose this day was not cheap by any means. The dress costs 8,380,000 KRW ($7,450 USD).


Moreover, the corset leather belt was another 2,220,000 KRW ($1,973 USD) on top of that making her outfit worth a total of 1,060,000 KRW ($9,420 USD).


Fans could not hold back their compliments for the gorgeous star.

  • “Her beauty is no doubt legendary. She’s gorgeous.”
  • “I saved it because she’s so beautiful.”
  • “Sulli’s is pretty whatever she does. It’s good to see her looking confident too.”
  • “She’s gorgeous but in her own unique way. In other words, she’s unique but freaking gorgeous.”
  • “They did a good job in choosing the model. No other celebrity could’ve done better.”


Check out more photos from the event below:

Source: Hankyung and Naver