Sulli To Make Her First Musical Comeback Since Leaving f(x)

It’s her first musical promotion in 3 years.

It’s been 3 years since Sulli officially left f(x). Ever since, she’s been focusing on her acting career but she’s finally making her comeback as a musician!

sulli dean feature comeback 1

Sulli will be featuring in DEAN‘s upcoming single, called ‘One Day Fly’. It’ll be her first feature since her debut as a musician in 2009.

sulli dean feature comeback

News reports claim that the new single will be a R&B track with soothing vocals by DEAN and Sulli.

sulli dean feature comeback 3

DEAN released the teasers for ‘One Day Fly’ on his Instagram. The track will drop globally on November 8/9.

Welcome back to the music scene, Sulli!

sulli dean feature comeback 2

Source: News1
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