Sulli Speaks up About Her Ex-Boyfriend and Public Dating as a Celebrity

She revealed what she would do if she ran into her ex-boyfriend.

On the most recent episode of JTBC’s The Night of Hate Comments, Sulli and fellow guests of the show talked about public dating as celebrities.

Comedian Kim Ji Min started off by confessing, “That always comes up when I go on variety shows. It’s not like I met anyone in secret or got asked out, but I have that image now. I became a scandal trouble maker.

She also brought up public dating and shared, “Who makes fun of a female celebrity about their ex-boyfriends? But they do it. I’ve never been the one to bring it up first.

Shin Dong Yup added, “Public dating is a double-edged sword” and asked if she regrets publicly dating.

In response, Kim Ji Min confessed that she did, but Shin Dong Yup, Sulli, and Kim Jong Min said that they didn’t regret it.


When Shin Dong Yup shared his story about how he ran into his ex-girlfriend at a wedding and how he tries to avoid her, Sulli confessed, “I think I’d be really happy to see him because he was my person once. Since he was like family, I’d treat him to a meal. But I haven’t run into him yet.

In response, Shin Dong Yup joked, “You shouldn’t have been born in this country” and made everyone burst into laughter.

Source: Dispatch