Sulli Talks About How Her Pregnancy Rumours Started

She revealed how it all happened.

On the July 19th broadcast of Night of Hate CommentsSulli brought up rumours that were once circulating about her being pregnant.

She explained that these rumours arose after a hospital visit.

I was really hurt by someone. I was very ill so I went to the hospital. I received a full checkup but they still couldn’t find the cause. The only things left to do were obstetrics and gynecology examinations and this is where the rumour came from.

– Sulli

She continued, talking about how her privacy was invaded.

A staff member at the hospital took a photo of my chart and leaked it. There has been a lot of times where stuff like this happens at the hospital. They do not protect your privacy.

– Sulli

The episode also featured Oh My Girl’s Seunghee who responded to hateful comments about her appearance and friendship with members of BTS.

Source: Naver