Actor Sung Hoon’s “Excessive” Skinship Towards Female Stars Receives Mixed Responses

Did he or did he not cross the line?

Actor Sung Hoon has become the center of divided criticisms for what netizens deem to be his “excessive” skinship (physical contact) towards his female co-stars. The actor has been photographed numerous times on camera getting extra close to several different female celebrities, which was passed off as him being “flirty” or “cute” in the beginning. Netizens, however, have recently began to wonder if he may be crossing a line.

Actor Sung Hoon.

This first photo shows the actor putting his head on the shoulder of a female golfer in the middle of their game. It was reported that the two had only met earlier that day.


According to the show’s viewers, the actor had been playing against the female golfer, but was unsatisfied with his score. It was following his loss that he cozied up to her, asking her for a do-over.


However, this was not the only instance. These photos were provided on an online community, which shows Sung Hoon putting his arm around one female star and embracing another.

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The actor, who gained massive popularity after appearing as a guest on I Live Alone, was also previously captured getting super close to Park Narae on the show…


…as well as another female star. In this particular photo, Sung Hoon can be seen patting the female star’s head as she drives.


Comments, such as “he seems sly”“he’s like a sly fox”“why is he behaving like that?” started to fill the comment section of the original upload. However, there were some netizens who believed that his skinship was being blown out of proportion.

What do you all think about the situation?

Source: WikiTree