BTOB Sungjae bitten by wild animal while filming Law of the Jungle

Fans are concerned after it was shown on broadcast that Sungjae was bitten by a slow loris.

On a recent broadcast of Law of the Jungle – Sumatra, Sungjae was reaching out to grab a slow loris when he started to call out in pain. The slow loris was biting Sungjae while he was trying to move it from under the ledge of a building. Even though he was in pain, he continued to keep a hold on the loris, bringing it to the other cast members.

Thankfully, the slow loris did not bite hard enough on his thumb to pierce Sungjae’s glove or skin, but fans are still concerned as rabies is more prevalent in Indonesia compared to other Asian countries.

Slow lorises also have a special gland on their arms that secrete a toxin. When this toxin is mixed with the loris’s saliva, it causes their bites to transfer the toxin. Fortunately for Sungjae, the slow loris’s toxin is not as effective against humans, only causing a minor allergic reaction in most cases.

This isn’t the first time Sungjae has faced adversity while in Sumatra. In an earlier episode, Sungjae nearly drifted out to sea before Sejeong pulled him back closer to the group.

Watch Sungjae struggling with the slow loris below: