Netizens Shocked At Stunning Visuals Of Sunmi’s Little Brothers

They’re also touched by Sunmi’s affection for her brothers.

Sunmi recently revealed some photos taken with her little brothers and shocked netizens with their stunning visuals.


Sunmi had taken time from her busy schedule to support her brother at his university graduation.


Both of her little brothers boasted tall height and stunning visuals, just like their sister.


Sunmi also posted another photo of herself in front of a piece of art, showing off her brother’s work.


Netizens commented on the outstanding visuals of Sunmi’s whole family, guessing that they were born with some extraordinary genes.

  • “Wow, all three of them are super tall.”
  • “They have long leg genes.”
  • “This family’s genes are daebak.”


This was not the first time Sunmi revealed her affection for her brothers. Sunmi had talked about them multiple times on television including on Hello Counselor and Idol Room. In these programs, she stated that she worked hard to financially support her brothers and called them her “greatest treasures.”


She also previously shared photos of her brothers and while they were eventually deleted, fans saved the photos and shared the impressive visuals of Sunmi’s siblings.

Fans Find Photos of Sunmi’s Attractive Brothers


Moreover, she introduced one of her brothers on stage earlier this year and could not hide her excitement in the video that captured it all. Sunmi’s heartwarming affection towards her brother has made the clip go viral.

Video Of Sunmi’s Brother Suddenly Appearing On Stage Goes Viral


Netizens were once again impressed with Sunmi’s affection for her brothers.

  • “Her brothers really have a great sister…please treat her well…”
  • “I’m so proud of Sunmi for becoming the head of her household so early…there will be brighter days in the future…
  • “They’re all so tall, they really look like models. It’s nice to see how well they get along and how great of a sister Sunmi is.”


Sunmi and her brothers are indeed very fortunate to have not only extraordinary genes but such a beautiful bond with each other!


Source: Star Today