Sunmi Celebrates 1st North American Tour With Debut “Noir” Performance

She totally blew everyone away with her performance!

Sunmi made sure her first solo concert in North America was one remember, as she made her live performance of “Noir” in San Francisco on March 6th at The Regency Ballroom.


In addition to her latest wave of hit songs (including “Gashina,” “Heroine,” and “Siren”), Sunmi also performed some of her classics, such as “24 Hours” and “Full Moon.”


And she didn’t stop there! While talking to fans, Sunmi also spilled that she is currently working on her new album, which should be released in June or July!


Between outfit changes, fans were given a glimpse into Sunmi’s artistic process and vision through very insightful VCRs. And after her final official set came to an end, fans were treated to an encore performance of “Gashina.”


Although she was a little shy when talking to fans, her love and appreciation for everyone who came out to the show through her passionate performance on stage.


As part of her “WARNING” first world tour, Sunmi’s North American tour will also feature stops in Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary, New York, Toronto, and Washington D.C.. The tour is a joint effort between KPOPME, Live Nation, and Sunmi’s agency, MAKEUS Entertainment.


Make sure to buy your tickets now to catch the remaining concerts on Sunmi’s 1st North America tour!