Sunmi Charmed London With Her Super Sexy Performance Of “Heroine”

She’s dangerous.

K-Pop queen Sunmi is on tour, going around the world and wowing her fans with her passionate performances and gorgeous visuals. During her London leg of THE 1ST WORLD TOUR WARNING though, she pulled off an extra sexy stage of “Heroine” and the audience was lit AF.


Sunmi performed in a white tube top, a super mini plaid skirt, and fishnets. She looked like she was ready to take over the world with this Harley Quinn naughty girl look! When Sunmi asked the audience, “Are you ready to dance?”, her fans wanted to say heck yes – but they were already dead from her sexy visuals.


Sunmi then went on to perform “Heroine” and she exploded with energy on stage. It was one of the most passionate performances of “Heroine” and it moved the 3,000+ fans in the audience who were singing and dancing along.


Throughout the intense choreography, Sunmi ended up being quite revealing and provocative, but the fans didn’t mind. Sunmi’s London level of sexiness is sweeping the internet off its feet. She was fire – and we love fire.


Here’s the full fancam: