Sunmi’s Agency Gives Update About Her Health After Being Rushed To The Hospital

Her agency explained the results of her health tests.

Sunmi was rushed to the hospital in the middle of filming for Music Bank. She experienced dizziness, so her agency stopped the recording to seek medical attention for the idol.

To reassure her fans, MakeUs Entertainment released an update about Sunmi’s health. Sunmi saw a specialist at the hospital, where she was treated for her symptoms. Thankfully, the symptoms were minor and temporary.

During today’s pre-recording on Music Bank, Sunmi notified us about feeling dizzy, so we stopped the recording and rushed her to the hospital.

She’s currently being treated by a specialist and will be resting to recuperate her health. The specialist recommended we just keep an eye on her as it appears to be a temporary symptom.

— MakeUs Entertainment

MakeUs Entertainment cancelled all of Sunmi’s plans for the weekend as she will be focusing on recuperating her health.

“Sunmi will be resting until this weekend, and we’ll be monitoring her health.”

— MakeUs Entertainment

Source: News1