Sunmi Leaves An Alarming Message About Harming Herself

Worried fans and netizens flooded her Tweet.

Sunmi left an alarming message on Twitter, supposedly claiming that she harms herself to get attention and likes.


The tweet was even more worrisome as she recently broke down in tears during a live broadcast. At the time, her agency and she comforted the fans, claiming that it wasn’t anything to worry about.


Netizens and fans began flooding her tweet, worrying about her health with words of comfort. Some claimed that she was simply quoting lyrics from an upcoming song.


Thankfully, Sunmi cleared up the misunderstanding and confirmed that it is indeed lyrics from her upcoming song. Although the lyrics were alarming, she clarified that the song won’t be too “serious”.


Sunmi is set to release her new self-composed album, “Noir”, on March 4.