Sunmi’s New Song “Heartburn” Faces Plagiarism Allegations, Fans Defend The Singer

The song apparently shares a similar melody with a famous English track.

Sunmi‘s recent release “Heart Burn” is facing allegations of plagiarism after some netizens pointed out the similarity between the song and Avril Lavigne‘s “I Don’t Give.”

The intro and the chorus part of both the songs share similar tunes which has led to plagiarism suspicions. The discussion was originally started when a YouTuber posted a video comparing the two songs side by side.

Both Korean and international fans of Sunmi are defending the artist, pointing out how that melody is very common and has appeared in many other songs before.

Some fans believe that this might be a possible case of sampling rather than plagiarism. Others feel that it is natural for some songs to partially share similar melodies since creative thoughts are bound to overlap at some point.


28. “I heard Avril Lavigne’s song is similar to “Losing My Religion”. Isn’t this just a cliched progression?”

66. “Just because I felt it’s similar that means it’s plagiarism, this insistence is tiring. There isn’t even any basis, just because they sound similar, it’s plagiarism.”

67. “You have to be careful about plagiarism but for ages things are being called plagiarised if they share just one similar part. I’m sick of people parroting plagiarism”

82. “I heard it but it doesn’t feel to the extent of plagiarism”

83. “No, YouTubers are seriously brain-damaged. Just because it feels similar when you listen to it doesn’t mean it’s plagiarism.”

The issue of plagiarism has recently become a hot topic in South Korea following the controversy that involved veteran singer Yoo Hee Yeol. Apparently, his piano track “A Most Private Evening” shared similarities with Ryuichi Sakamoto‘s “Aqua”. Following the singer’s apology, it was announced that his music show Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook would stop airing on July 22. The show had been on air since 2009, and fans were upset at this news.

Users on Korean forums expressed their concern that allegations of plagiarism might become a new tool to harm artists.


143. “After Yoo Hee Yeol, all kinds of plagiarism experts popped out as if they are apostles of justice. It’s so pathetic and dangerous to leave malicious comments with blind accusations and ridicule.”

So far, neither Sunmi, nor her label has commented on this issue.