Sunny calls Girls’ Generation fanclub by the wrong name during Music Core winning speech

Girls’ Generation continued their week with a 5th music show award for “Lion Heart” on the recent episode of MBC‘s Music Core, Sunny making this one to remember.

Aired on August 29th, Girls’ Generation placed 1st for this week on the music show, going up against Simon D‘s “Simon Dominic” and SG Wannabe‘s “Love You.”

Sunny represented the group with this win and stated, “Thank you. To Lee Soo Man sunbaenim, thank you very much, and to all the staff who struggled, everyone thank you.” 

She continued, “To our Soonsoo who continue to cheer us on! Thank you,” bursting into laughters as soon as she realized her mistake. Sunny had accidentally called Girls’ Generation’s fanclub, known as S♥NE, or SONE (So One/Sowon), Soonsoo, quickly saying, “Not that, SONEs.”

Catching her mistake was the rest of the Girls’ Generation members who also laughed at her slip.

Seohyun completed the speech with, “SONEs, thank you very much. Thank you for always rooting for us and giving us love.”

Watch the adorable mistake and reaction below:

Netizens reacted:

Soonsoo kekekekekeke

Sunkyu (Sunny’s birth name): Soonsoo~!!!!!!!! Her freaking out was really cute

Kekekeke Soonsoo kekekeke

kekekeke cute keke

keke We are now Soonsoo kekekeke 

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