Sunny speaks about her life in retrospect on “Sunny’s FM Date”

On her radio show Sunny’s FM Date, Girls’ Generation member Sunny spoke about the normal life she could not have as a celebrity.

Show host Sunny and the group Casker, who appeared as the featured guests on the show, discussed the topic of being 19 years old, on the first live stream of Sunny’s radio program.

Regarding this topic, Sunny remarked, “It has been 7 years since I was 19, and I was preparing my debut for Girls’ Generation.” When asked about how different her life was compared to others, she stated: “my life was so busy everyday, I couldn’t even attend school properly.”

Sunny continued: “In a way I was granted a life that no one else could get, but at the same time it took my opportunity to have the same experiences as others. I try to think as positively as possible, but I do envy those who went, are, and will live normally through the age of 19.”

Sunny told her fans that she would “live more freely and enjoy life more freely, before the responsibility comes in,” and gave the audience a word of advice: “Before your responsibility kicks into your life, experience, enjoy and live more.”

What do you think of the life that the stars have to give up in order to shine out in the world? It really is a lot of responsibility.

Source: Newsen