Super Junior’s Heechul Opens Up About The Fears His Leg Injury Brought to Him As An Idol

He talked it all out.

Super Junior‘s Heechul talked about his leg injury and the fears it brought him regarding his idol career.

On KBS Joy‘s Ask Us Anything, Heechul appeared on the show with MCs Lee Soo Geun and Seo Jang Hoon, and talked about the current condition of his body. He revealed that his last doctor’s appointment was 5 years ago, and during the course of the visit, his doctor warned him against jumping and dancing, as it could be detrimental to his health.


On the show, Heechul appeared as a guest to ask for opinions about his dilemma on if it would be okay for him to chase his dream of doing rock music at the age of 37. He’s harbored these dreams from his teenage years, and was still interested in a possible career. About his idol career, MC Lee Soo Geun commented,


Although he is a Super Junior member, he cannot dance because of his injury.

—Lee Soo Geun

Heechul confirmed this, referencing the car accident in 2006 that badly damaged his leg, and said since he was forbidden from jumping and dancing, he often thought about his career coming to an end.

You’re right. I was told not to dance or jump after my last doctor’s appointment. It made me think, “What can I do now?”




But Heechul found a silver lining through it all: variety shows! He revealed that despite all his negative thoughts, he still continued to push through until he found something he could do as an idol, and he’s now one of the most sought-after variety show MCs!


Luckily, I found a different path by doing entertainment shows. Things ended up working out well for me.



Heechul debuted as a member of Super Junior in 2005. In 2006, he got into a car accident while returning to Seoul from Makpo, after attending the funeral of fellow member Donghae‘s father. Although he can no longer perform on live stages, his vibrant personality is an essential part of Super Junior, and Super Junior shines the brightest when they’re all together!

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