Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Gives Savage Advice To Any K-Pop Fans Who Don’t Know Why They’re Single

We all feel called out on this one.

If you’ve been a K-Pop fan for a while and are familiar with second generation groups like Super Junior, then you’re probably already aware that their maknaeKyuhyun, has never shied away from being the savage that he truly is.

If you’ve been a K-Pop fan for a while, then you’ve probably also gone through a period of time where you were infatuated with an idol to the point of it being obvious through your profiles on social media. With the amount of charisma and charm that so many K-Pop idols have, it’s hard not to become obsessed with at least one of them at some point or another!

The Super Junior member recently did a livestream to promote his newest solo single, “Love Story”. Along with singing some of his songs during the stream, Kyuhyun also interacted with fans by reading their comments and answering questions.

One fan sent in a request for love advice, and it turned out to be a (hilarious) mistake.

Oppa I need love advice, I’ve been single for 19 years?!

— Kyuhyun fan

Rather than showing her moral support or doing any other typical cutesy boyfriend-esque things that other idols might do in response to a fan asking for love advice, Kyuhyun came back with a response that is just like him to say.

Your profile picture is my face. That is why you are not dating.

— Kyuhyun

Anyone who is single and has their bias as their profile picture could likely feel the burn from this one! At least he went on to say that since it was a profile picture on YouTube, then it was okay, but it’s still something that maybe us single K-Pop fans should take into consideration.

If you haven’t already, check out this phenomenal vocalist’s newest song “Love Story” below!

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