Super Junior’s Shindong Reveals He’s Currently Trying To Direct A Drama

Director Shindong possibly has a new project!

Super Junior‘s Shindong is well-known as a director at SM Entertainment, directing tons of Beyond Live stages for many groups, as well as directing quality MVs, too!

Shindong | @earlyboysd/Instagram

From Red Velvet to EXO to Celeb Five, Shindong has shown his talent at directing for many groups, and now, has revealed he’s reaching for a new goal as a director!

| @earlyboysd/Instagram

Super Junior recently sat down for an interview with Esquire Korea, where they talked about all the things that are “in” or “out” for them! The members were given keywords, and they had to make their decision about them, by voting “in” or “out”!

One keyword given to them was “Drama”, and Shindong took this opportunity to reveal his latest project! While voting “in”, Shindong revealed that he’s currently trying to direct a drama, and has been holding meetings with various staff to discuss it!

I’m trying to direct one, so I’ve been having meetings.


He then shared how far this project has progressed, and revealed that they’re currently at the casting stage!

Right now, we’re still in the casting stage and looking for actors.


At the mention of “casting”, fellow member Eunhyuk looked at him and pointed to himself, to which Shindong hilariously stated, “I’m sorry“, bringing laughter to the set!

Watch him talk about it here!

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