Super Junior’s Leeteuk Is A Gentleman And Returns Lost Item To An ELF

Leeteuk is truly a gentleman.

Before heading to Singapore for overseas activities, Super Junior’s Leeteuk posted a photo on his personal Instagram revealing a wallet. He wrote, “One of our ELFs left their wallet in the present they gave to me. I will return it to you when I return to Korea. Please come and get it.”


A few days later, a crowd of fans waited for Super Junior’s return from Singapore and came to Incheon International Airport to welcome them home.



A video of their arrival showed the members waving to fans and receiving gifts from them as well. Before heading into the car, a fan came up to Leeteuk asking about her wallet.



Leeteuk, being the gentleman that he is, told her that his manager was holding onto it and would return it to her safely. He is even seen joking in the video asking if she is sure it’s her wallet.

Watch the full video below!




Source: spotvnews

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