[★VIDEO] “Superman is Back” triplets themed calendars sell over 125,000 copies

Superman is Back‘s triplet calendar themed has sold over 125,000 copies, reflecting fans’ wishes of purchasing the calendar soon after photos of it was aired in an earlier episode.In a previous episode aired on December 14th, Superman is Back shared a scene in which father Song Il Gook took photos of his triplets to create a self-created calendar for his immediate friends and family.

However, soon after the episode’s airing, fans rushed to request the calendar to be available publicly to purchase. Thus, the calendar officially were sold via an online shopping mall on December 23rd at 10PM KST, and since December 25th, the calendar has been reported to have sold over 125,000 copies! Sold at 5,500 won each, approximately $5 USD, total sales have reached an approximate 687 million won, or $625,000 USD.

In addition, Song Il Gook has decided to give 100% of the profit to charity, which was further confirmed by a sales representative, who stated, “All profits will be donated to promote social contribution.”

The triplet’s, Song Dae Han, Song Min Guk, and Song Man Se, calendar will be sold until the end of the year on December 31st, and will be shipped on January 5th, 2015.

Source: TV Report