Survey Finds 62% of Korean Actresses, Female Film Staff Are Sexually Harassed

According to a survey, 6 in 10 women experience sexual harassment in Korea’s film industry.

The Korean Film Council and the Women in Film Korea revealed that 62% of women working in the film industry have experienced sexual harassment from their male colleagues. That is approximately six out of ten women.

The results (taken from a survey of 749 actresses, female writers, crew members, and other female industry workers) have added more fuel to the #MeToo campaign fire.

Only 17.2% of male survey participants respondents claimed to have experienced sexual harassed. That is three times less than their female counterparts.


On Monday, actress and guest speaker Moon So-ri announced the results during a conference on women’s human rights in the film industry. The conference took place on Monday, at the Korea Press Center.

“We were all bystanders,” she said. “This [survey] shows how rampant sexual violence against women is [in the film industry] and we have done nothing to fix the problem.” 


She encouraged victims to speak up about sexual harassment, in order to eliminate it from their industry.

“All workers in the film industry must accept that they were victims, perpetrators, or bystanders of sexual harassment.” 


Shim Jae-myung, the CEO of Myung Film, agreed with Moon So-ri.

The filming set of ‘Pieta’ directed by Kim Ki Duk who has been accused of sexually assaulting multiple actresses and female staff.

“[This industry is] more hierarchical than Hollywood. And this is why the victims have had a harder time revealing their problems.” 

Source: Korea Times