Suzy Doesn’t Want To Be The Nation’s First Love Anymore…

Suzy wants to shed her title as the “Nation’s First Love” and showcase a variety of her unique sides!

Through her drama roles and idol performances, Suzy was seen as the nation’s first love with her innocent, beautiful image.

Suzy embodied the ideal image of someone’s “first love” that’s pure, young, soft-hearted, and beautiful.

She’s held that title even until now but after releasing this new mini album, Suzy said she wished to walk away from that title.

“I have many sides to me that I want to show everyone. I have a lot to show everyone. I want to show my many sides through this album. With this album, I want to show my sexy side, my unadulterated side, and my unedited side. I also want to show the side of me that’s a woman.”

Needless to say, Suzy did just that at the showcase of her latest album, Faces of Love!

She showed off her sizzling sexy side…

As well as lovely, yet cutesy, side…

And the side to Suzy that’s bursting with happy-virus energy!

Suzy can try and try to shed her title as the Nation’s First Love, but one look at Suzy and you can’t admit that she symbolizes that image perfectly!