Suzy Freezes During Interview, Unable To Answer Reporter’s Questions

“Suzy had little understanding about her album.”

A Korean reporter published an unflattering coverage on Suzy’s attitude during her “Faces of Love” showcase.

The article started off by discussing Suzy’s previous activities that mounted up to her latest mini-album, which she took part in writing the lyrics.

“I try to tell my story when I’m promoting an album. So I try to express myself more. I even write lyrics through the various experiences I have.” — Suzy

But the article took a turn when Suzy was asked what kind of love she wanted to express in her new music.

“When [Suzy] was asked what kind of love she wanted to portray through her new album, now that she’s in her mid-twenties, she started off by saying, ‘Love at age 25…’ She then contemplated for a long time. She had difficulty answering the question and eventually failed to answer properly by saying ‘I’m sorry.'” — Article Author

The author questioned whether Suzy had taken part in the lyrics at all.

“Suzy had little understanding about her album, almost questioning if she was the same Suzy that took part in making the lyrics.” — Article Author

The article also criticized her ability in understanding the press’s questions.

“Suzy wasn’t able to explain her album clearly. Even when she was told that her ‘answers didn’t fully answer the questions’, she continued to reply with the same answer. She kept forgetting the questions, and she didn’t seem comfortable answering.” — Article Author

In hindsight, the author did describe Suzy as “nervous”, despite her decade of promoting on stage.

Suzy may just have been nervous to stand on a showcase stage alone since the disbandment of miss A.

Source: TV Report