T-ARA’s Lawyer Reveals The Truth Behind Their Disbandment Rumors

He spoke on behalf of the members.

Jang Chun, the lawyer speaking on behalf of the T-ARA members, revealed that the girls aren’t disbanding.

In a recent interview, Jang emphasized that the rumors about them going their separate ways is untrue.

“We’ve checked with T-ARA about the rumors of them ending their promotion as a four member group, and it’s not true.

They want to continue promoting as a 4 member T-ARA.”

— Lawyer Jang

Hyomin, Eunjung, Qri and Jiyeon will continue fighting against MBK’s claim to their group name.

“We will continue to fight in the lawsuit refuting MBK Entertainment’s copyright petition for T-ARA.”

— Lawyer Jang

They’re fighting for the treasured memories they have with their devoted fans.

The disbandment rumors began when T-ARA announced that they will stand up to fight for a claim in their name.

A previous news report stated that the girls ultimately decided to disband because of differing opinions.

But Queen’s can rest assured that the members won’t be leaving them soon!

T-ARA at their latest concert in November 2016.
Source: YTN