(★BREAKING) T-ARA Is Reportedly Disbanding

They will be focusing on their individual careers.

T-ARA is reportedly disbanding due to differencing opinions.

After Boram and Soyeon decided to leave in May 2017, Eunjung, Qri, Hyomin, and Jiyeon decided to continue promoting as T-ARA.

The T-ARA members have been discussing their next step after leaving MBK Entertainment.

They left after their contracts expired earlier this year.

MBK Entertainment applied to trademark the name “T-ARA” in order to prevent the girls from maintaining their group name after leaving.

T-ARA’s last concert together under MBK Entertainment.

In response, the members filed documents with grounds to reject the trademark application.

Although the members decided to fight against MBK for the rights of their group name, news reports say that the individuals’ opinions were too different.

After a long discussion, it’s been reported that the members have decided to go different ways.

Nothing has been officially announced as of yet, but none of the members have signed with a new company yet.