T-ARA’s Final Comeback Will Not Include Boram and Soyeon

T-ARA fans will be sad to learn that they will not be able to see Soyeon or Boram promote T-ara’s final album.

An insider report initially revealed that T-ARA members Soyeon and Boram will not be participating in the group’s final album. According to the report, Soyeon and Boram were unable to reach a final agreement with MBK Entertainment.

MBK Entertainment has now come out to confirm that Soyeon and Boram will not be participating.

“Soyeon and Boram, whose contracts expire on May 15, have ultimately decided to sit out the comeback promotions. During the process of negotiations, there were disagreements.”

— MBK Entertainment

MBK Entertainment also confirmed that there will be another delay in the release of the album.

“We can not use the recordings with Soyeon and Boram. Because the remaining 4 members will have to re-record the songs, we will have to further postpone the release of the album. The exact date for the 4 member’s comeback is unknown yet, but it’s planned for the end of June.”

— MBK Entertainment

The 4 members staying with MBK Entertainment tried to make sure that Korean Diadems would be able to see all 6 members stand on stage one final time, but unfortunately, plans did not work out.

T-ARA’s final album, 666, was initially planned to be released on May 17 but was pushed back to June 1. Following the release of the album, members Soyeon and Boram would part ways with MBK Entertainment while Hyomin, Eunjung, Jiyeon, and Qri would remain with the company until December 2017.

Source: Osen, Star News, and News1