Taecyeon reveals 2PM is preparing for comeback and new tour

In an interview with magazine KWAVE, 2PM‘s Taecyeon revealed that the group is currently hard at work in preparing another comeback album as well as a tour.

During the interview, Taecyeon spoke of his experiences on tvN‘s Three Meals a Day, “[Three Meals a Day] was a lot of fun even though it involved a great deal of physical work and we lived in an unfamiliar environment for long periods of time. But it ultimately paid off after seeing the broadcast.”

However, fans are most excited to hear the rapper announce that 2PM is currently gearing up for a comeback! Taecyeon revealed that “For the first half of the year, I will be concentrating on activities for 2PM. The album is in preparation and we are also planning on another tour.” 

In terms of his acting career, the actor-dol noted that although he plans on focusing on acting during the second half of the year, “I haven’t yet found a good piece that I want to act in.

2PM has been busy with a world tour following their long awaited comeback last fall with dance track “Go Crazy.” The group has also released two Japanese PVs for their singles, “365” and “Guilty Love.”

Meanwhile, Taecyeon has been active managing his OkCat brand and is currently a fixed member on Three Meals a Day. His last role was the second male lead in KBS‘s Wonderful Days, which aired in the first half of 2014. However, after this announcement, it seems the actor will be taking an acting hiatus of over a year as 2PM concentrates on their second comeback.

Hottests, are you ready for another comeback and tour?

Source: Star News