Taemin unveils a preview of “Shift” from SHINee’s comeback album

Taemin gave his fans a preview of the track “Shift” from SHINee’s upcoming comeback album, 1 of 1. 

On September 30th, SHINee continued to tease fans with updates on their new Instagram page which included a preview track for “Shift.” The electronic dance track was personal pick from member Taemin. A signed photo of Onew was also included in the same set of updates.

Recently, SHINee has been releasing a teaser images for their 1 of 1 return which emitted a natural 90s vibe.

The latest album is scheduled to drop on October 5th and SHINee will make their first comeback stage on Mnet’s M! Countdown the following day.

SHINee’s Pick! 「이 노래 어때?」 ‘Shift’ from 태민 SHINee’s Pick! 「How’s This Song?」 ‘Shift’ from TaeMin

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