Taeyeon Caught Up In Dating Rumors With Fellow Label-mate From SM Entertainment

Fans dug deep to find the truth.

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon was caught up in rumors claiming that she’s in a relationship with her labelmate and junior, NCT‘s Doyoung.


A netizen created a popular post titled, “Taeyeon’s New Boyfriend” and uploaded alleged “proof” that the two are dating.


The rumors first pointed out that they were wearing similar rings. They claimed it was a couple ring.


They also brought up the fact that Taeyeon frequently talks about NCT on social media. She also brought them up on radio shows, claiming she wants to become closer to them.

NCT 127’s album signed for Taeyeon.


They brought up an old post where Taeyeon wore a carrot and bunny headband, which she captioned with a single carrot emoji.


Netizens claim it was a secret lovestagram towards Doyoung who’s known as a carrot-top bunny among fans.


NCT’s Doyoung had previously posted a few photos on Twitter with the caption, “Boyfriend Pic (남친짤)“. 남친짤 is a trend on social media where the photos are taken at a certain angle to portray how you’d take a photo of your boyfriend while on a date.


Taeyeon also posted on the same day as Doyoung’s “Boyfriend Pic”. She uploaded a few selfies with the caption and a heart, “It’s 33♡

33하네 ♡

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Although a group of netizens was eagerly trying to prove that Taeyeon and Doyoung were actually dating, fans quickly shut down the rumors by digging deep to find contradictory evidence.

First, the fans provided close-ups of their alleged couple ring. The two rings look similar but are actually very different.

Left: Taeyeon’s ring, Right: Doyoung’s ring


They pointed out that Taeyeon’s ring was twisted tightly while Doyoung’s ring was broader with a looser twist.

Doyoung’s ring from another photo.


And the netizens failed to mention that Doyoung wasn’t the only one to upload “Boyfriend Pic” that day. Jungwoo and Jaehyun also posted their own that very same day!


Lastly, fans pointed out that NCT members frequently visit all SM senior’s concerts. Doyoung wasn’t the only member invited to attend Taeyeon’s concert.


Netizens may try and try to pair them together, but fans prove that they’re nothing but close friends who are famous as each other’s doppelgangers!

Source: Nate Pann (1) and (2)