Taeyeon’s One Unique Gesture At Her Concert Will Never Be Forgotten By Her Fans

“They are all scents that I personally like.”

A scent can take us back to our faintest memories and that’s one thing that Taeyeon considered during her recent two-day concert in Seoul. 


According to Taeyeon, fans were treated to a special treat during the concert. She sprayed a custom scent throughout the venue so that fans can remember the night better as they returned home. 

“They are all scents that I personally like. I like tree scents, I like the scent of ginger and I tend to like the scent of leather. Scent differ depending on how you combine them.”

— Taeyeon


In a recent live broadcast, she explained that the scent sprayed was made specifically for the concert. 


…and her fans were raving for it! 


Due to the demand, the brand that made the custom scent announced that they might just make it available to the public soon. 


Taeyeon is making history with not just her voice but her creative ways to express her gratitude to her fans!