Taeyeon revealed to have made almost a million dollars last year

With successful solo and group promotions, Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon definitely experienced a good year in 2015. 

In fact, a recent broadcast on tvN’s The List 2016 revealed that the SM Entertainment singer made about almost a billion won last year, a testament to her success. According to the broadcast, Girls’ Generation as a group made 12 billion won in Japan alone with a total of 22 billion won from group activities and records alone. Personally, however, Taeyeon gained approximately 900 million won on her own.

The show also mentioned that the singer’s luxury car is also valued at about 100 million won (~$83,318). Additionally, she recently gifted her parents with a three-room luxurious apartment, one of the high-end ones in Korea.

Overall, she emerged as the 8th wealthiest celebrity in income in 2015.

Source: Newsen