Taeyeon tells Seolhyun not to be afraid to talk to her

Taeyeon wanted to let Seolhyun know that she is free to contact her at any point, showing off her friendly personality.

Taeyeon guested on Kim Shin Young‘s Noon Song of Hope on March 6 and Kim Shin Young told her about all the love that her first full album My Voice has been receiving from her fellow idols. Kim Shin Young said,

“The songs on your first full album has been getting a lot of love from people around you. Especially from AOA’s Seolhyun; she liked ‘When I Was Young’ so much that she took a picture of her listening to it and sent it to me. She also told me that she almost cried when watching the music video for ‘Fine’.”

Kim Shin Young

While Seolhyun and Taeyeon have never shared a stage for a performance before, they both were present for the 2016 KBS Gayo Daejun.

After listening to Kim Shin Young’s words about Seolhyun, Taeyeon replied,

“Seolhyun, you can talk to me personally. You don’t need to go through someone else, just give me a call.”


Taeyeon also revealed during the radio show that her album was originally meant to have 15 songs, but 2 were removed during the preparation process. The Girls’ Generation members also gave Taeyeon feedback about her teasers, no matter the time of day.

Source: MBC News