Teen Top performs encore on piggybacks after winning #1 on Music Bank

Boy group Teen Top is experiencing amazing week as they grab their second trophy of the week for their title track “Warning Sign” on Music Bank!

On January 29th, Teen Top’s”Warning Sign” went up against Suzy & Baekhyun‘s “Dream” track, winning over the collaboration this week.

Teen Top’s said, “Thank you to our agency family. To the staff who have struggle with us, we are very grateful. Andy hyung, we love you. And to our fans, and to Hyesung hyung, who we respect and love, thank you. To all of our fans, thank you. Teen Top will continue working hard in the future.”

As promised for winning #1, Teen Top began their encore stage with half of the group on the other members for a piggyback.

Other performances:

Shin Hye Sung – Roco Drama

Ryeowook – The Little Prince

Teen Top – Warning Sign

G-Friend – Rough

Dalshabet – Someone Like U

Stellar – Sting

Yezi – Cider

Source: My Daily